It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

“Oh, no worries,” he said as he attempted to cover up catching his breath. It had been quite awhile since he’d last used his strength (and he might have been putting in extra effort to make it look even easier in front of her). Although the weight of the bags was not too much for him, the awkwardness of the suitcases and the way they wouldn’t remain stacked was what caused him to sway as he walked into the doorway and set them down to roll them the rest of the way on their wheels.

“To your new bedroom, of course,” he replied with a smile before leading her to the guest room, pulling the suitcases behind him. After opening the door for her, he reached over to switch on the light. Hopefully he had cleaned up in here. After a quick glance around, it didn’t appear anything was out of place - just an ordinary room with a bookshelf, dresser, and television. Not to mention the bed, which wasn’t a cheap one. It wasn’t super grand either - simple yet elegant.

“Please, make yourself at home. Feel free to use the dresser and closet for your clothing.” After a quick motion to both, he began walking out. “And I suppose, if you’re up to it, we should begin on the tests and such. I’ll return momentarily.” Although he was tempted to relax and get to know her better, there was work to be done or at least get started on. Really though, taking blood samples from a berserker was the last thing on his list of fun, but she had said she actually had to taste the blood before anything happened, so it should be fine.

After a necessary trip to the lab to collect all the supplies he’d need for the moment, he returned. Normally he’d bring her into the lab, but it was a mess at the moment. Mohinder would need to straighten up in there before the next stage of testing began, that was for sure. On the way back, he walked slowly as he mentally checked off the list in his head. Hopefully she wasn’t scared of needles, because that was the main ingredient for this part.

After a cautious peek around the corner, he made his way over to her bed to set down the equipment and begin prepping the needle and ointments. “You’ve probably been told this before, but this shouldn’t hurt. You should only feel a slight pinch. I would never do anything to cause you harm.” That sounded a little more dramatic than he had meant it to, but it was true. If she was ready, he would set the needle down and gently take her arm to begin rubbing the alcohol on it and preparing it, being extra careful as he did…

And possibly adding in a few feather light touches along her skin that weren’t totallynecessary, all the while his dark eyes gave shy glances at hers as he continued to prep her arm. Hmm, sending signals wasn’t that tough, he absently thought to himself. She probably wasn’t even noticing though, but he wasn’t about to do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. His main duty was to protect (although she could take care of herself, as he might later find out) and help her with her unwanted ability.

“Remember, just a quick pinch. You can squeeze my arm if you need something to focus on… and if you do not use your enhanced strength,” he finished with a slightly nervous laugh, having forgotten that fact for a second. Could she use it out of berserk stance though? Perhaps he was about to find out.

The End

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