It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

There was a certain amount of anxiety in the way Mohinder carried himself as they walked down the stairs to his car, and Claire could only chuckle inwardly.Had the lingerie been called for? Not necessarily. Was it amusing? Most assuredly, and it was harmless enough. Though the doctor was out of sorts, it seemed she hadn’t crossed any lines yet. A part of her took pleasure in nudging people out of their comfort zones, especially cute ones when that nudging pushed them in her direction. Business, Claire, she reminded herself sternly, clearing her throat as the doctor packed her things in the back seat. Don’t fuck up the business, that’s the whole reason for this. This is likely your one chance…

She let out a little sigh,feeling somber at the self-reminder about propriety; she couldn’t lose this opportunity for normalcy, it was too important. If she made a wrong move and offended him, somehow made him unwilling to help, she’d never forgive herself. She couldn’t keep living in constant fear that she’d lose herself to whatever beast lurked within. Shivering at the thought of those memories consuming the rest of her life, she shook her head in an attempt to clear it.

Those thoughts, however, were interrupted by Mohinder’s hands dancing along her skin. The unexpected touch left goosebumps in its wake, though she kept her face straight. Claire could smell whatever soap he used as he leaned in to fix her seat belt; she wasn’t sure if it was a pretense or not, but his smile was certainly charming, and those eyes were as warm and inviting as the tea he’d given her. She smiled back, her flirting reflexes hard to override. Oh, this was certainly going to be an interesting two weeks, that was for sure….

The car ride was short, a fact for which she was actually thankful. She felt the pressure of uncertain half-thoughts floating in the air between them, questions neither yet wanted to ask, and it was almost suffocating. Normally, it was something she would enjoy, revel in: it was the beginning of the hunt, so to speak. This, however, was different. It has to be, she reminded herself again, willing her eyes forward rather than on his face as they drove. But if he’s willing… Indications so far pointed that way, despite his occasional bouts of nerves. It was…a perplexing situation. They pulled back into the recently vacated parking spot and stepped out of the car to gather her things.

Chuckling as Mohinder attempted to carry all the luggage and open the door, she took the key and and opened the apartment door for them both. Claire took the middle sized bag from him, smirking. “I know you said you’re strong,” she laughed, “but you don’t have to carry it all.” With that, she heads back inside to set the suitcase on the floor, turning to face Mohinder as he came in..

“Where should I put these?” She gestured widely to include the whole of Mohinder’s home, not wanting to presume anything.

The End

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