It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

With a relieved sigh, Mohinder nodded at her statement. “Yes, my apologies. They were like forbidden fruit, I suppose. I couldn’t resist taking a closer look. I’ve never seen anything like them. You have excellent taste.” The wink told him that she was genuinely fine about this whole almost disaster, which caused him to relax for the moment and give one last glance over his shoulder at the exotic collection as he made his way toward the doorway to keep any further temptation at bay.

Speaking of temptation, once she returned to the doorway, Mohinder’s eyes widened as realization hit him - she was holding up her lacy lingerie right in front of him. Like a deer caught in headlights, he wasn’t sure the correct way to respond to this situation, having never been in it before. Oh, he’d seen lingerie before but that was usually right before… Yeah. Swallowing hard, he squeaked out something that resembled a compliment. “Yes, as said, you have excellent taste.” That wasn’t so bad except for how warm his cheeks were now.

As she walked away, he forced a casual smile and eventually leaned on the wall once she was out of sight. Although he knew of many American customs, that one he’d just witnessed had him puzzled. There wasn’t any time to theorize about all this, so instead he pulled out his phone to text Peter Petrelli.

After a few back and forth messages, the empath was of no help. Was she really sending a signal to him? That was a very straight forward clue, if so. It was true that he thought her interesting as well, and now he found himself thinking of her as more. Yes, he would return her signal, he decided before straightening up, clearing his throat, and dashing to follow her to the… bedroom.

After cautiously peeking around the corner, he sighed again in relief and walked over to the biggest suitcase to pick it up. “I’m ready if you are.” Normally he would have complimented her bedroom, but he wasn’t sure now under the circumstances. It was beautiful like the rest of the place, that was for sure.

Once down at the car, he situated her luggage in the back and opened her door for her, allowing his fingertips to graze along her arm and waist as he helped her into her seat. Then an idea hit him and he grabbed the passenger side seat belt. “Sometimes this one jams. Please allow me to help you.” And then he proceeded to act as though it had stuck on him before gently wrapping it around her, accidentally brushing against her side as he clicked it into place. “There - all secure.” His smile was sincere and only a few inches from her face as he regretfully remembered Peter’s advice through text. So there went the puppy Bambi eyes for her and a very subtle flip of his curls as he hesitantly pulled away to move over into the driver’s seat. His heart was beating a mile a minute, but at least he had kept his nerve. The signal had been returned (or at least as much of a signal as he was willing to give at the moment, still unsure about Peter’s advice).

Once back at his place, he attempted to carry all the luggage in for her and unlock the door at the same time. That didn’t quite work out and he finally handed over the keys to her with a sheepish grin.

The End

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