It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Entering the hallway on the way to retrieve her lingerie, a noise in the study caught Claire’s attention and she paused, mid-step. Looking curiously into the room,,she couldn’t help but smirk at his obvious sheepish behavior. He hadn’t broken anything, and she honestly didn’t mind, though it was still…off….to have someone else in her space. No one had seen her collection before; no one else had touched those books, not even William. Though they traveled together, they had their own places and as much of a separate personal life as possible. William was much more…rowdy, prone to parties and company…than Claire was, and she valued her quiet enough to get her own apartment.

Part of her bristled at him touching and enjoying the things displayed in the study, but not out of irritation, or even really at him; just the simple strangeness of having someone in her home. But she was seeking his help and he was more than willing, not to mention she’d done what research she could; it put her mind at ease.

“You’re fine,” she replied, not catching the double entendre there, though it was fitting, “no damage done. Although…things in cases aren’t usually meant to be touched.” Taking in the whole display case to be sure no damage had been done, she winked playfully and continued down the hallway to retrieve her lingerie. Still smirking at the way he tripped over his own feet, metaphorically, and where he’d been holding the bust of Pallas; she grabbed the hamper and rummaged through it as she walked back, trying to pick out which ones she’d want. There were always the good standby matching sets–nothing fancy, but comfortable and practical. She’d bring several of those. Then there were the prettier ones, lace and delicate colors. It was one of these in her hand as she walked by the study again, and she held it up with a critical eye, looking absently to Mohinder. “I think this’ll do,” she decided finally, smirk crossing her face. She simply couldn’t resist, especially in her own home; she felt more her usual self there, despite the circumstances.

Retreating to her room, she finished packing and opened the bedroom door. The decor inside was tastefully simple, just like the rest of the apartment. The bed was bigger than she really needed, with a lacy white bedspread and dark wooden sleigh frame. It was the centerpiece of the room, framed by nightstands that contained only a simple vase with a single white rose and an alarm clock. Another wide window with expensive looking white curtains, currently drawn for privacy while she packed.

Everything together, she picked up the two smaller suitcases and smiled up at Mohinder, nodding to the one that held her clothes. “Shall we, then?”

The End

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