It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Breakfast could not have went better considering the circumstances - two people who were not only strangers when the morning began, but both special who’d recently shared that secret with each other. It wasn’t awkward at all, now that Mohinder thought back on it. It went to prove that they were simply people dealing with the genetic cards they’d been dealt in the best way they could. He was definitely glad she’d decided to pay him a visit and gave a smile as he led her out to his Forester.

At her question, he nodded. Of course he’d follow her up to help out. In fact, he could probably carry everything down all by himself. Enhanced strength came in handy in more ways than he could count. The thought - or dread - that she might bring her whole closet had never crossed his mind. Either way, he wouldn’t have minded. There was plenty of room in the car and in the extra room she’d be staying in anyway.

Quietly, he followed her up and into the apartment. Although he was curious, he resisted drifting around the place… at first, at least. “Beautiful,” he absently said as hands slid into his pockets and eyes roamed, scanning the place the best he could from his perspective. The fresh light from the windows helped with that, and he nodded when she mentioned that he could give himself a tour, finally giving her a little wave as she disappeared into her bedroom.

At first he slowly rocked on his heels, figuring he’d just remain there for the time being… She wouldn’t be long… Hmm, well a quick tour wouldn’t hurt anything, right? As he began for the open doorways, something beside the couch caught his eyes for a moment. Lace?Oh! Instantly he averted his eyes as though he’d seen something that he was forbidden to. Well, in his mind he was forbidden at this point in time. Perhaps later though? No, no. Shaking his head, he pushed those thoughts to the back. Concentrate.

After a peek into the bathroom and guest room, he took a double take into the study and paused in the doorway. There were shinies in there… sharp, beautiful, shiny things. After listening to hear if she was on her way back, he disappeared into the small room to make his way over to the knives.

Although he was more of a gun person, what he found in those cases was fascinating, causing him to almost put his nose to the glass as he attempted to get a closer look. Some of them were so detailed, tempting him to want to touch them, run his fingers along the craftmanship. His specialty was science, but he adored art in all its forms, even on objects of destruction such as these.

As he admired them, his weight finally pushed on the glass enough to cause a tiny movement of the cabinet - one so subtle that he hadn’t even realized he’d done so. That little push began a chain reaction, knocking over a statue that sat on top (which luckily didn’t break) which in turned knocked over something else until a few artifacts went over the edge, heading straight for Mohinder’s head. Luckily his strength also gave him agility, which allowed him to catch the objects that began raining down on him without too much fuss.

But still, she could be back any moment, which caused him to briefly panic. She trusted him into this room and he almost broke several things. Ugh. Biting his lip and standing up on tiptoes, he attempted to arrange everything back where he thought it had been before. After getting most of the items fitted into their place, he thought he had heard footsteps.

Freezing in place, his head turned toward the door while his hand that was placing a figure accidentally rested on the worst place it could on the statue. “I’m terribly sorry. They fell and…” Eyes glanced back to his hand and with a quiet gasp, he immediately removed it to return it to his pocket where it should have stayed in the first place. “I caught them and returned them to their rightful place. These are all lovely, by the way.” Yes, change the subject with flattery and a flash of Bambi Eyes.

The End

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