It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

If asked, Mohinder would have also had to admit how nice and peaceful this was. Lately he’d gotten nothing but peace though, but it was a lonely calm. He much preferred having a guest, like at the moment. With the excitement at the beginning of her visit, it had slipped his mind to ask if she might have been followed. That was something she would have mentioned though, he figured. Just to have his Is dotted and his Ts crossed, regrettably he had to ask though.

And her answer did not disappoint, causing him to relax even further. She appeared very sure of her words and with the nature of her power, he could guess as to why not many knew. But he’d never ask directly though, not wanting to upset her or cause her to feel ashamed for something she didn’t have control over. If anything, he wanted to hug her and tell her that everything would be alright. Perhaps she was reminding him of the past and how others had counted on him, making him sentimental though. “I see. That is excellent to hear. It is the same for me, pretty much.” He hadn’t actually counted, but the only person who had knew about him that would have been a threat was now dead - Danko.

When she leaned forward, Mohinder thought she was about to whisper something, so without thinking, he mimicked her out of habit, ducking his head bashfully when he realized she was only getting comfortable. “Oh… It can wait. Nothing interesting has transpired around here in quite a long time, so I’m sure it will be fine an hour or so more. And I’m glad… that you’re so durable…” That sounded weird, didn’t it? “I mean, things can get dangerous and I consider you my responsibility now. I’m glad that you can heal in case anything happens. It shouldn’t though. I think I’m just hungry and rambling now. Sorry.” Lifting up to stand straight again, his lips came close to grazing hers and he accidentally got a whiff of her shampoo in addition to the almost kiss, causing him to pause and clear his throat while giving a nervous smile. Okay, focus

It just so happened that he was ready for the chopped vegetables and took some to place inside the pan on top of the eggs, which were miraculously looking more and more like an omelet even with all the distractions. Mohinder was surprised he hadn’t burnt it by now. “It won’t be long.”

After the plates were set and the drinks were poured, he pulled out a chair for her before taking his own. “I hope they came out alright. I hope you find it delicious.” With her as a distraction, he wasn’t as focused on cooking as usual. But he wasn’t about to complain. As he took a bite, his eyes glanced over to witness her reaction as she tested the dish as well. So far so good with his own omelet, but bacon could make anything taste amazing.

The End

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