It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

“Well it’s a rather handy little gift,” she replied, looking down at it for a moment before going back to her peppers. For a moment, Claire got caught up in the sheer normalcy of what they were doing. In the brief silence, Mohinder could’ve been William, her brother; he could’ve been a dear friend; he could’ve been a lover. They were making breakfast together, laughing. As she looked over the selection of cheeses–the man had a selection, and that alone made her like him a teeny bit more–Claire couldn’t help but think of how nice it was. Not that she minded her typical solitude, or the company of her sibling, but there was a certain lack of…warmth in that atmosphere. They were too busy staying alive, staying hidden, to cultivate this sort of coziness. 

Steering her mind to the more pleasant task of cheeses again,she picked out a sharp cheddar and set it aside. It ought to go nicely with the assortment they had laid out. All in all, a pleasant scene.

Then he broke the comfortable silence with a decidedly not normal question, one that didn’t fit the domesticity of the task at hand. One she had honestly expected to come long before cooking. Making sure one’s house guest wasn’t being followed felt like it should’ve been more important than offering her eggs, but then, they’d gotten caught up.

“My abilities have been my most closely guarded secret,” she answered him as she finished cutting the last of the peppers, face and voice somber, “and I assure you, the amount of people aware of them can be counted on less than one hand.”

The only people still alive who knew of her talents were her employers and her brother. To most of the underworld scum who might whisper of her talents, she was merely a tall tale, something to scare naughty children. None of them had any real influence and she didn’t fear them talking. She knew for a fact that no one was tracking her; her own job was to do such things, and certain precautions were always taken to ensure her own safety. It shouldn’t have surprised her to learn that the doctor had his own safety net in place. She wasn’t the only ‘special’ he’d helped after all, and she doubted she was the only dangerous one. It seemed Mohinder had his own past. Claire tucked that away for later rumination.

She laid the knife down on the cutting board and leaned forward on the counter. “The passages might be something to see after we get my things, unless you would feel better about me knowing where they are before we leave?” His level of trust was baffling. He was a smart man, she could see that, so he must be quite sure in himself to just tell her such things. Or perhaps her years of hiding and line of work had caused her to be overly paranoid. In his position, she wouldn’t have let herself in. How did he know she wasn’t going to kill him? That he wasn’t being tracked?

“I heal quickly,” she said, shrugging, pushing aside her train of thought yet again “but not abnormally so. Sad to say.” She didn’t address his mention of her safety, however, sweet though it was. Claire felt safe almost anywhere, confident in her own abilities. But now was not the time to brag about her kill record.

The End

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