It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Her playful words worked as she’d intended, causing Mohinder to relax and forget that he’d just asked her to be part of a royal family that he didn’t even have. Her expression seemed to be positive as well - possibly even amused, which was much better than any other reaction he had predicted for his slip-up.

When attempting to put the apron on her, he hadn’t meant to use his agility to sneak up on her… it just kind of happened. Perhaps it’d been so long since he’d had a house guest (especially one so pretty) that he was a bit overexcited about it and wanted to make sure to give off a positive impression. Couldn’t have her getting her clothing dirty. Plus, he couldn’t remember what condition he’d left the washer and dryer in and he certainly didn’t want to tempt luck and accidentally embarrass himself yet again with a dryer boxer incident or something of the sort.

The way her laughter filled the room cause Mohinder’s shoulders to lower further in relaxation as he made his way over to flip the bacon and adjust the temperature of the stove top. “Yes, before I received that as a gift, I never wore one either.” The same went for the Snuggie he had in his closet, but she didn’t need to know about that… ever. After the bacon was situated, he began with the eggs - whisking them and adding in a tiny amount of milk along with salt and pepper.

With that done, he got out all the different cheeses he had and sat them on the counter near her. “I’m going to use mozzarella for mine, but you may choose whichever one you please and I’ll grate it for you.” While she decided, he began on his own cheese, shredding it into a bowl. As he did that, a few more questions dawned on him, some that he wasn’t sure how to phrase.

“Um, I suppose I should ask for both of our safety - does anyone else know about your ability? Would anyone be tracking, possibly hunting you? There was a company that used to do such things, which is why I ask. I have precautions I can put into place, if that is so. Either way, I will show you the panic room and the secret passages.” Yeah, the place might have cost more than average in the area, but it was worth it for those extra features.

Mohinder paused a moment to give her a sincere smile. “I’m not sure what all you are capable of, but I want you to feel safe here. I’m almost certain I can cure you, but the formula may take a few different calculations to get correct. It will not harm you, but I’m curious - does your ability also give you regeneration?” If it did, it would relive some of the pressure off him, not that he intended to get sloppy, but it might keep him from worrying so much.

The End

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