It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Something about her wink and the skillful way she handled the knife told Mohinder that she was not going to be a dull house guest by any means. Perhaps that was what he needed in his life - a little of the unexpected and maybe some excitement? Even at the moment, his eyes remained fixated on the chopping of the vegetables, never having seen such smooth moves in person - only on TV. So yeah, even her culinary skills were entertaining.

When her hands paused, his eyes flicked up to hers as he gave her an awkward smirk. Even he had hobbies. Everyone always told him to lighten up and have more fun, and now he was speaking to someone who sounded as though she threw herself into her work even more than he did. “Yes, I most certainly know how that can be. I try to relax more often now, since everything has appeared to slow down. I just hope it is not the calm before the storm.” But what a calm it is. Noticing he’d been keeping eye contact a little too long, he quietly cleared his throat and continued with situating the bacon in the pan.

At the word horse, his ears seemed to perk up; he’d always wanted to go horseback riding. “Those hobbies sound quite enjoyable. I will need you as stress-free as possible, so perhaps we can try some of those out together.” And for some reason, he found it amusing she’d never played a video game before and met her eyes again. “And we shall definitely have to play Mario Kart together, princess… I mean-you could be my princess-I mean,” he paused, feeling his cheeks warming and now making certain to get this next attempt correct or else he feared he would actually faint right there of embarrassment. “There is a character on there who is named Princess Toadstool. You could play as her, if you wish. That is the character most women choose, I’ve noticed. She might wear pink, but I assure you she’s quite tough.”

Okay so that was the second embarrassment of the day. As if he didn’t just ask her to behis princess, he continued to watch her chop the vegetables. Maybe he could learn a few tricks. Surely she was some sort of professional cook? That must have been it - she was a cook. Yes, he could have just asked her, but with all the showing off with the knife, she must have figured he would assume it. No sense asking silly questions then. “You’re very talented. I’m glad I asked you to cut the vegetables now because I would have probably embarrassed myself.” Even further than he already was.

Then it struck him - she was wearing nice clothing. After a quick glance to check the bacon, he grabbed his nearby apron and walked around to place it on her. It had the Table of Elements on it and read Kiss the Scientist. “Terribly sorry. I’d forgotten.” After placing it over her head, he pulled her hair loose from it, accidentally ghosting fingertips along her neck as he did. Then it was down to her waist to tie the back into a bow. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had a house guest. Please forgive me if I forget little things such as this.”

The End

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