It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

She could almost see the doctor physically relax as he understood things would be a bit safer than he’d first thought. That was new to her too; she’d only needed to explain things to maybe two people, and that was somewhat the opposite situation, her describing what was about to happen to them as soon as she tasted some of the life force they were dripping by that point. Claire shook the thought from her head. If things went well, that wasn’t going to be an issue anymore. “Don’t worry,” she said with a smile, waving a hand in dismissal. “I’m surprised you’ve heard of the condition at all. So few have.”

Her focus turned to the food and tools he’d placed before her. Part of her thought about taking one of her own knives out, but those were not for food, after all, and might raise more than a few questions. So she selected the largest of them and turned it over for a second, getting to know it. “Eat all the bacon you want, by all means. It does smell delicious, but I won’t hold it against you. And thank you, for the consideration.” Claire winked playfully at him and lined up the vegetables on the cutting board. With a showy twirl of the knife, she neatly gutted the peppers and set them aside to peel the onions, easier to throw all the unused parts away together.

His next question, though it cut into her concentration, didn’t stop her hands from chopping. She’d established a steady rhythm and was making quick work of the task. 

I enjoy black mail, killing, and long walks on the beach…

She didn’t really have many hobbies anymore, unless you counted drinking and obsessively doing laundry. She didn’t stay in one place long enough to establish herself, so there were no horses for riding because she had no property. Books were too cumbersome to carry, though she had a kindle when the mood struck her. Music was still a source of pleasure, but wasn’t exactly a hobby. As she thought about it, skilled fingers dicing up another small pile of onions, Claire realized her life had been consumed by work. By simply staying alive. She was a different version of herself–though people always changed when they grew up–and one distinctly more…boring.

“I…I don’t know,” she answered simply; her voice sounded surprised even to her own ears, and for a second, she stopped cutting. Mohinder’s interest and obvious consideration of others made the sudden honesty feel less awkward. but she cleared her throat and began cutting again. “My work is very consuming, you see, so there hasn’t been any sort of real time for anything else.” It was the truth, or at least as much of it as she would give him.

“I used to read quite a bit, go horseback riding. My brother and I would hunt, or go hiking. Honestly though,” she said, feeling a bit sheepish, “I’ve never played a single video game. That might be interesting…” For having as much money as she did, she’d never ventured into the realm of technology unless it was for work. It might be a fun, new thing to try.

The End

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