It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

“After breakfast will be fine.” As for her being a vegetarian, Mohinder hadn’t even thought of it from that angle. So no rare steaks for her, sadly. Being raised as a vegetarian himself, he could go without meat around her if the smell bothered or tempted her, if he had to. “Ah, understood.”

At the sound of her laugh, Mohinder attempted to keep a straight face but that quickly turned into a relieved expression and embarrassed, quiet laughter when she cleared everything up. “I’m sorry. I’ve never met one with your ability, so I only have what I’ve seen in fiction to go on. I hope to learn a lot about you and from you while you’re here.” And so now that he didn’t have any reason to be so cautious, he returned to the drawer to collect the knives and all the sharp objects they’d need to make their breakfast.

As a bonus, she was skillful with a knife, so he wouldn’t have to even worry about her cutting herself. Mohinder tended to worry a lot even though he tried not to. “Excellent,” he replied with a bright smile of his own. He found himself already enjoying her presence as this was the first breakfast in a while that he actually looked forward to. Usually it was microwave meals or only chai for him so that he could return to work.

Placing the cutting board in front of her, he then set out a few knives for her to choose from as well. “If you will dice the vegetables, I’ll take care of the bacon and eggs? Please let me know if the smell of the bacon gets overwhelming though. I don’t have to have it, if it makes you uncomfortable. I remember the first time I’d gotten to smell its aroma… After that, I was a vegetarian no more. Mother was not happy.” Remembering back, he grinned. It was totally worth it.

As he placed the onions and peppers in front of her, he figured he should get to know his new roommate better. “So, may I ask your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing? I have a computer, a TV, game systems, and such that you are welcome to use if you’d like.” He nodded towards the living room where the big screen tv was. She might have been more of the outdoorsy type though; he wasn’t sure yet.

The End

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