It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Mohinder noted her thoughtful expression and on the other hand, hoped that she understood why the time frame was the length it was. There were quite a few specials that had demanded he rushed, but luckily their powers were nothing to be scared of… buthers. Rushing the calculations was dangerous and he wouldn’t have advised it. But when she appeared pleased, he quietly sighed with relief. Not that he thought she would threaten him or anything, but still.

“Your things. Of course. Please let me know if you require my help; I have a car with plentiful space for your luggage.” With that, he gave her a sincere, soft smile. It felt amazing to be helping another special again. It had been so long that he was beginning to wonder if he’d ran out of good deeds to perform for his kind.

At her agreement to take the tour, Mohinder set his cup onto the table and stood. The breakfast part though, caused him to tilt his head at her. “You must at least allow me to tend to the bacon.” Because that was the best part. “We’ll cook together, hm?” If she was going to be staying with him, this would be a nice ice-breaking activity.

With a nod toward the hallway, he began leading her throughout the apartment. It wasn’t a very long tour, but the place was plenty big enough for both of them. She would have her own room and bathroom with both a garden tub and walk-in shower. The place was somewhat fancy, but not in a stuffy way. It wasn’t the most expensive decorating, but he did pretty well for a professor.

Finally the tour ended in the kitchen, where Mohinder went to taking out all the items they’d need. “I hope the place is to your liking. Once you acquire your belongings, please make yourself at home.” It was when the knife drawer was opened that he almost gasped out loud as if he’d seen a ghost. No, no. That would have been rude. But now, he had no idea what to do next. Was she skillful with a knife? Could she see her own blood and not go berserk? Of course he could use a knife efficiently… when not under such stress.

For the moment, he closed the drawer and instead walked over to the refrigerator to grab the eggs and bacon. Once everything was on the counter, he looked over at her with a nervous smile. So this was his plan - wait and see what she did and follow her lead. Well, it was better than no plan at all. “I’m ready when you are. Have you ever created omelets before?” Translation: Do you know how to use a knife properly or am I about to become a pinata again? 

The End

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