It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

As she thought everything over, Mohinder silently sipped at his chai, hoping that he was correct in what he’d told her - that he could cure her. His father’s list and research mentioned nothing about berserkers, but he was not about to ask her to prove it, especially since he didn’t have the power of regeneration to survive whatever would happen. An ability was an ability though, so he was certain he could do something to help her if not eliminate it outright.

At her words of thanks, a shy smile grew on his face and he shook his head modestly, causing messy curls to fall along his forehead which he gently combed back with his fingers. Memories had reminded him of the expression Maya had given him once she’d found the unspeakable things he was working on in the back room of his lab, and he wouldn’t wish that look of horror and disgust on anyone else. This woman here was not amonster. "Thanks are not necessary, but you are most welcome to stay as long as this takes.”

Eyes focused on his cup as he calculated a time frame for her based on past experience. “The average time from beginning to a successful end is approximately two weeks. Any complications could possibly delay it for up to a month.” Peering up from his cup, he took note of her expression. As long as he kept the image of blood away from her, everything should have been fine, he figured.

As for the second part of her question, he would give a simple answer as he found the longer, more complex ones seemed to put his patients on edge in place of calming them. “First step would simply be taking a bloo-I mean, a DNA sample from you. After I’ve completed analyzing the sample, I begin on the formula based on my previous findings. I will then have my initial building blocks - the foundation - on which your serum will be built on. Once I’m certain I am close to the final product, then testing will begin. Do not worry; it will not harm you.”

Hopefully that explanation would help her to feel somewhat at ease, especially combined with the chai. “Those are the basics, but if you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to ask me… I know the process may sound frightening or complicated, but I assure you - you have nothing to worry about.” Those words weren’t only for her benefit, but his as well. Working with a new power - especially one this dangerous - of course he had inner doubts.

“When you’re ready, I will gladly take you on a small tour of the place and if you haven’t eaten, I was about to make breakfast. You’re welcome to join me. I suppose I was going to make omelets. Those sound delicious at the moment.” Of course, since his stomach was speaking, the thought of what was needed in making omelets didn’t cross his mind - usually sharp knives were involved in the cutting of the vegetables.

The End

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