It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

Seeing the way he grabbed his robe and the blood that came to his cheeks, Claire couldn’t help but laugh a bit at his expense. The embarrassment was cute. She didn’t meet to many people who were self-conscious that way anymore. It was almost endearing, but that wasn’t why she was here. Business first.

As she told him her abbreviated story, she was rather pleasantly surprised by the fact that he was a good listener; the clinical sort didn’t tend to be empathetic. He was also the first person who had found out via story rather than demonstration. It was kind of nice having a calm reaction to her…abilities…for once. Certainly better than screaming and running away, though she could hardly blame a soul for that. The almost curious awe though…that was new. Also likely due to the fact that most who knew what she could do had found out about it shortly before expiring: not many had the opportunity to express any sort of enthusiasm. Nor would they.

Pacing in front of the table for a moment, she finally took her tea and inhaled the familiar scent before enjoying a sip. It was hot, but not unpleasantly so, and she relished the feel of it moving through her body. ‘Get rid of.’ The words had an odd ring to them, and she rolled them around in her brain. So much of who she was was wrapped up in that one word. ‘Berserker.’ Yet those things, those aspects of herself were far from her favorites, and while there was a brief empty feeling, she knew it was the best decision she could make. The desire for normalcy was so much stronger than the yearning for the familiar.

The idea of trudging back through the streets to her house, even if the distance wasn’t that great, made her wither inside. All those people after opening up like that…it was the definition of feeling unsafe. She had no moral qualms about being in a man’s house; she had no reservations about the fact that he was almost a total stranger since she could more than protect herself. He didn’t seem the duplicitous sort who would sneak up on her in the middle of the night, and even with his super strength, she felt secure in her own abilities. No matter how loathe she was to use them.

“Thank you,” she said quietly after her lengthy pause, cupping long fingered hands around her mug. “For not running away, screaming. And for the offer of help. And the tea. And for sharing your own…gift. And…I think I will accept the use of your guest room.” Claire scratched her head absently, feeling a bit sheepish and not quite sure of how to proceed. She hadn’t ever been in a situation like this and wasn’t sure how to carry on. Pleasantries were not part of her daily life. They weren’t even part of her monthly life.

“How…um….how long would this ‘process’ be, exactly? And, and what is it exactly?” Initial step of asking for help over, Claire felt the sudden lack of knowledge as to what the next steps were. She hadn’t been able to find anything on precisely how Dr. Suresh went about curing these things, and being uninformed was almost as uncomfortable as being vulnerable.

The End

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