It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

At first Mohinder was confused; her stare caught him off guard as his mind was spinning a mile a minute, wondering what her power could be and attempting to recall if his lab was still in perfect working order or if he had left it a mess. But then her words spelled it out for him, causing his eyes to widen. “Oh!” That came out somewhat higher pitched than normal as he reached for his robe to wrap it around himself, his cheeks reddening and a nervous laugh under his breath as he did. “I’m terribly sorry. I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes." Hopefully that would be the only embarrassment of the day.

Noting the familiar name, he smiled, not being able to help remembering the past for a moment. Not all of his history was tainted, at least. "Lovely name. And no worries; I most definitely understand. One can never be too careful.” And that was something he had had to learn the hard way.

At her request for chai, Mohinder nodded and began on making her a cup as well, smirking at the coffee comment and laughing quietly. Finally, someone else who got it. Although tempted to begin on a coffee rant, he refrained. There would be time for chit chat later. It was time to get serious, and so he gave his guest his full attention as she began to speak.

When she uttered the word unfortunate, the calm smile he was giving faded. Yes, this was going to be bad news. Something told him this was not going to be easy as well. Maybe it was her tone. Either way, the geneticist had now tensed up as he waited to hear the rest of the story. Carefully, he brought over their drinks and sat hers down on the coffee table in front of the couch before having a seat himself as he kept his gaze on her.

Jaw dropping slightly, he worked to digest all this new information. “A berserker,” he whispered in both amazement and fear… more so amazement though. “I um, I’ve never met one such as yourself. Regrettably, I do not have a premade serum for your condition. It will take some time, but I’ve never failed. I’m confident stating that I can help you. It is understandable wanting to get rid of an ability such as this. I do not blame you.”

Noticing how she was hugging herself, there was a nagging feeling that he should do more, say more… and the Bambi Eyes might help to calm her as well, and so with eyes big, he gave a sympathetic expression. “It’s not your fault. You’re not a freak - you’re Special.” Although it was against his usual protocol, he went on to admit, “I’m like you, except I have enhanced strength. I know what it’s like to be different. You have my word I will do my best to help you. Also, I’m not sure how far you had to travel to make it here, but you are most welcome to stay in the guest bedroom. It would speed along the process.” Since there wasn’t a premade serum on hand to cure her, it was as if he was starting from scratch at making one for her. Any elimination of travel time would help.

The End

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