It's in the Blood // Claire & MohinderMature

As she was busy eyeing him over, he subtly did the same, making sure nothing about her seemed suspicious. Although he hadn’t had fancy training or anything, after all he’d been through, he had an idea of what to look for that might have seemed out of place. From his perspective, nothing seemed to ring warning bells (except maybe the fact a pretty woman like her was speaking to a lab nerd like him), and he was able to give a soft, slightly nervous laugh at her observation.

At her question, he quietly nodded. “Yes, that is correct. I help them however I can - whether they want to learn to control their abilities or they wish to get rid of them.” Although his face didn’t show it, his mind was racing, trying to guess what power she had if she was the one in question. It was about time he had a new person to help, so this was very exciting.

It was so exciting in fact, that he’d forgotten he was sporting only his hunter green flannel pajamas (trimmed in royal purple) as he opened the door for her. “Please, come in. I have a feeling you have a story to tell me… And I also have a feeling I can be of assistance in one way or another.”

About now, the kettle began whistling from the open kitchen. “Oh, would you care for some chai or regular tea? It appears you’re just in time.” A hand gestured for her to have a seat if she wanted as he gave her another warm smile, hoping she would feel comfortable enough to speak freely with him. This was the tough part - establishing trust. Being special himself, he fully understood the paranoia though.

The End

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