It’s Experience, Isn’t It?

This is just something I made for my homework, a one-page story. It's not that great.
Patience is a virtue we all need in our lives. This "short" short story is about that virtue.

 “Yeah. Yeah. He will come.

Hope isn’t lost for Arden, Mike and Uly. They were stranded, stranded in a place where they least expected to be, the school.

“It’s so hot here!” Arden exclaimed.

“What do you have in your mind?” He asked Mike, his close friend.

“Nothing! I hope our service bus arrives, or I will be forced to do my homework here.” Mike answered with a glum tone.

It was an unfortunate hot and humid afternoon, and they were all tired from the seemingly endless web of studies. They were all disappointed by the fact that they have a ton of projects and homework waiting for them. No one can confirm the possibility of the bus arriving. They were all thwarted and frustrated.

“Ahhh! I can’t take this anymore. I’ll call my mother to pick me up. This is not we are paying for! This is not it!” Uly shouted at the top of his voice.

\The thought of going home lingers in the heads of the three friends. The satisfying thought of reclining on the chair in front of the computer, doing stuff that will complete a part of the numerous requirements to come to be able to graduate.

“Ohhh,” they thought aloud in their heads.

Then Uly thought, “What if we just commute? What if we leave the school now so we can do our obligations? What if …?”

Uly said this to Mike and Arden, but Arden, as the thinker that he is, have considered the possible factors and finally said:

“No. We will wait for the service no matter what.” Arden said, making his words clear and final.


The End

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