Ethan Andrews

Okay, don't get me wrong I love girls, but why do they have to be so melodramatic?  Honestly this who situation got blown way out of proportion.  Let me give you the run down on what actually happened.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Leo and I were looking for something to do.  We thought of the idea of going sledding, and I not Leo decided to ask Ashley and Madi to come.  No I don't have a thing for either of them, though Ashley and I did use to date back in 7th grade, but it was only for like a month, and that is a different story.  The point is, we invited them because we thought it was fun, not because we were into them.  That's the thing about girls that I don't get, why does anything we say or do have to mean something else?  When we say hey do you wanna hang out? Why can't it just mean that, because let me tell you, for a guy, that's what it means.   

Anyways we had a good time and that is why Leo decided to ask them to come over.  Sure he probably should have texted them both, as to not lead Madi on since he knew she had a crush on him, but really it shouldn't have mattered. And yes I don't think Leo should have put his arm around Madi when he knew she liked him, but he did, and it's over, it wasn't a big deal.

Honestly, the girls need to just get over it. 

The End

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