Madi Kasper

How can boys be so awful?!!?!  Okay so I have had the biggest crush on Leo for the longest time, so when Ashley and I were invited to go sledding with him and Ethan, I was ecstatic!  We had an awesome time, and when Leo asked if we wanted to come over his house I thought it was too good to be true.  

So back at my house Ashley and I were asking our parents, when I got a text from Leo!!

hey can you come? 

This was so amazing, he had texted me!! He wanted me to come!!  He didn't text Ashley, no he texted me!


"This definitely means he likes you!" Ashley said.


I grinned, everything was turning out great.

I'm not going to go into great detail about the whole night at his house, but let me just say one thing.  He put his arm around me!!!!  So that's it right?  I mean we are basically an item now right?  What kind of guy puts his arm around you without meaning it?

Apparently Leo is that type of guy.

I texted him on Sunday, and he NEVER texted back!  What kind of guy doesn't text back??  I was so confused, and I texted Ashley to tell her all about it.  By sunday night the entire girl squad knew about it, and trust me, they were on my side! 

The End

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