Leo Carns

I don't get girls.  You say or do one thing, and they manage to turn it into something completely different.  Take Saturday for example.  Madi, Ashley, Ethan, and I all went sledding, and then I invited them all over my house to hang out that night.  So Ethan and I went straight back to my house, and Madi and Ashley went home to ask first.  I texted Madi to ask if she was able to go.  It wasn't exactly a big deal.  So it ended up that they could both go.   They came over and we all had a lot of fun.  I was sort of aware of Madi's crush on me, but I didn't really think about it.  Sure I guess I did put my arm around her at one point during the night.  But seriously it was no big deal.  

Well on Sunday I guess I probably got a text from Madi.  I'm pretty sure it was just like "what's up?" or something like that.  But I was busy at the time so I just never responded.  Like I said no big deal.

So at school today, why was Madi's whole circle giving me disappointed and angered stares, like I had done something wrong? 

The End

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