It's Complicated

A complicated life story with a yet to be decided ending.

I guess the story starts when I was a little girl of two and a half. I've always been mature for my age, at least in some situations. Of course, everyone goes through the rude, obnoxious stages where you hate everyone who isn't doing what you want, but apart from that I have always been mature. I guess that's why the people I have fallen in love with, or had crushes on have always been older than me. Because I can compare mentally to them.

When I was two and a half, my parents took me to dance classes. I suppose I loved it when I was a kid, but then I began to hate going, mainly because I disliked the teacher. She was always telling people off, including me, and she never really seemed to care. Of course, I see now that it was because she was only eighteen, and she was having to deal with young children who liked messing around, and she was at university, studying, trying to have a life, and teaching already. What a life she must have lead. Of course, it has created her the way she is now, so I cannot complain.

So, I grew up in a fairly happy environment, a young brother who yelled and cried and attacked me was my only real burden, until I reached my final year of primary school.

That was when I found out that life was never going to be the same again. My mother and father no longer loved each other, a fact which I brought in to light by telling my mother that they were acting as though they were going to break up. An evening of tears on mine, my mothers and brother part followed. But not my father. He didn't cry.

It's a terrible situation to be in, having your family falling apart. I would not wish it on anyone, yet I have seen it happen to so many people. It is a devestating disease, a sickness that spreads like wild fire and lets everyone around you fall ill with it for a little while.

And now, years later, I am grown. Eighteen, the same as my teacher was when she first met me. The past is behind me; it has shaped me, and I feel to my very core that it has done me both good and bad in many different ways.

This is my story, and if you wish, you may peruse it as you will.

The End

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