It's complicatedMature

Nina had a hard time through the 1oth grade. Both of her parnets died in a boating accindent, her 19 year older sister is in a abusive realtionship, Her aunt addicted to drugs, and worst of all she hiding a secret nobody can figure out. Lucas most popular guy at Jefferson High school has had a wodneful year of parties,high-school girls, and good grades. If the year is hanging up to be good. If its been such a good year than why is eveything so different when Nine moves in next door

Shoving books in my locker. Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudicce mostly the classics. Sorry but I love the library. Lucas Cornwall stands in teh cafe talking with a smaller boy. Probably his junkie. No he's not a drug addict. Probably doesn't even know what meth is. In been aroudn too much. My parents died in a boating accindent about three years ago. That what you get for trying to 'see the world' as my mom put it. Ever since then I've lived with my drug addicted Aunt Lisa. Thanks to her I can now small crystal meth from a mile away. Also my nineteen year old sister Robn she is a sweet gentle soul in Love with an abusive ass hole name Damien. I hate him so much. My new taregt Lucas he is my new next door neighbor. Aunt Lisa and Roin are moving everything in there right now. Interesting that everything happens for a reason. I still keep and eyes on Lucas as I walk out of the building into the Library where I always eat. Lunch is simpe and tasteless as always. Lucas come sin with his friends and sits down at a table near mine. Uh the only reason they come hear is becuas eit the only place that actually has heating not to menition you can do pretty much whatever you want. "Psht"......."Psht"...."Psht".. I look up and see Lucas, the smaller boy, and Kyle from English. God these idiots. I look back down and continue reading

"Psht"...."Psht".."Psht" again."WHAT" I say angerily looking up."Little mute girls got an additude" says the shorter boy."And your a stupid ass hole" I say back."Ooohh" says Lucas and Kyle."Where are you like always here" asks Kyle. Lucas has said nothing at this point.

The End

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