It's better if we are friends

 All the stories that we told,  All the time that we spent just to hang-out, All the laughter that we shared. I really missed those times that we are together. The holding of our hands, and the short hugs that we made. Now, Our friendship is now closer to each other and as days passed by we became MU. And as we became MU our main hobby is texting. I didn't miss a week of texting  you  just to be sure if you're okay, and saying ILOVEYOU before I go to sleep. A few days passed, My friend told me that you have another crush. And I was shocked at that time and asked myself: How will she pick the right guy if there's two of us?. I didn't lose hope! I even comforted her in all her problems and impressing her with all the things that I could do just to pick me.  Then as I recevied a text message that says: pick a number that is right for that person, and I sended the number 7 to her, and it is stated there: I'm Totally inlove with you. As I receive a text message from her she also picked that number, I asked her: Can we be together? she said: Yes! and I was shocked and told myself: YES! And as I go to bed I texted her goodnight ILOVEYOU! and she said in the text ILOVEYOUTOO!.....  Suddenly, she texted me that she is crying because of what her another crush had said... and she said to me that it is very touching that's why she cried... And I told her we should just be friends and there's a reason in the world that the both of you should be together. And I texted her it's better if were friends.  And I got hurt a little bit also. So Much For the Effort.

The End

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