Same SamMature

The stress climbed with every ring. The anticipation combined with fear caused anxiety that lead to self hatred. If she didn't pick up, there would be a feeling of disappointment and failure. She wouldn't be getting anywhere. If she did pick up, there would be volnerability, pain thinking about the past, and choices that come with it. She felt relieved when she hit voicemail, and she hung up before she could leave a message. The past was a dangerous place to meddle with.

But she found herself wondering who she used to be, and curiousity got the best of her as she found herself opening the trunk containing the box of memories. 

When you think perfect, the first thing you should think of is Sam. He is the bravest guy I have ever met. In short he does what he wants, and he achieves what he wants. The guy who answers to no one, who has a 5.0 GPA, a badass partier, and the fastest long distance runner with eyes so blue one would be tempted to go the distance just to get close to him.

She remembered her 

The End

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