Turn AroundMature

It hit her pretty fast. Her shoulders began to clench and her heart beat faster as the familiar sound of a vibrating phone reminded her she wasn't as free as she let herself be convinced. Between the two seats her phone screen blinked with missed calls. 

It only took a quick glance at the screen for the caged feeling to return. Kyle was upset. Kyle would take what he needed. Scrolling through her phone she realized he was at her house. The air hurt her lungs, she didn't want to see him.

And guilt boomed inside. She had abandoned him without any notice. She had taken off and gone to jump in the water. She shuddered to imagine what he would think, and felt drained knowing she had no choice. But she did have a choice. She did not have to see him. She owed him an explanation and possibly an appology, but did not need any judgment coming from him. No, space was the best thing. She made up her mind she was not going home, at least for that night.

As she pulled away, her mind traveled to other options. SHe didn't have her wallet, so that meant no hotels. She glanced at her phone wondering who she could call, and her eyes lit up when she saw Lisa's name under her missed calls.

Dialing the number, she was filled with nervous hope. This was really a turning around point. She shuddered at the thought she had no idea where she was going, but she sure as hell wasn't going back.

The End

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