Chapter 1: In the Beginning

The flash of the cameras, the cheer of the crowds, the feel of the many hands trying to hold you. This is the life. Unfortunately, for most people this didn't last. However, Jessica Guerst, also known as Jezzica, was determined to make it last. How could she not? It was the life every teenage girl dreamed of. Her songs, though shallow, were on the top charts. Her face, though caked in makeup, was on the cover of every magazine. Her name, her secrets, her boyfriends, her every move was on every gossip website out there. Everywhere she went she was mobbed by complete strangers wanting to talk to her. She build up so much on what little time she was on the earth. Nineteen years and counting. Though she couldn't shake the feeling that there should be more. No time to think about that. Places to go, people to see, hits to preform, pictures to take. No time. Each day goes by in what seems like a few hours, minutes, seconds. As Jessica drove, or got driven to, her boyfriend's house, she realized she didn't like him much. He was full of himself, rude, mean and frankly a bit of a slob. However, Jessica knew that if she broke up with him she would hear of it everyday for weeks, maybe even months. She could break up in secret, but if one person leaked it, which was highly likely, it would be everywhere within days. The trials of being a superstar is plenty enough for one person. At least she could calm down a bit with a drink. Better call a friend to pick it up for her. Don't want anyone to know she drinks!

The End

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