Te psychic was an elder person, an alumnus of Oxford University. He was a jovial person. He made me feel comfortable and listened me very carefully. At his place I was feeling quite relieved. I won't take your much time just talking about that man but you know these people love to talk  so as to learn everything about you. I spent about three days with him before he asked me about my experiences. I told him every depressing thing that has happened to me in the vacation. He suggested performing the art of EXORCISM.  He planned to call the spirit and asked it what was wrong. He made me sign some papers that I'm ready at my own risk.

He made several arrangements. I could see three rows of candles, a bowl full of holy water and several books. I was made to sit in between the two rows of candles. He asked me to meditate while he chanted several words. And then it grew windy. Candles started blowing off one by one, and then a sudden gale put off all of them. I noticed a sudden fall in the temperature and then the same moaning and groaning. A hazy image appeared before me and I knew it was the one who was pesting me.

I shouted 'What is the matter? Who are you? Why are you against me?'

It replied 'Gone are those seasons, gone are those days and even your face has changed. Still your voice has the strength to shout at me in rage!'

I felt a little nervous and asked' Kindly tell me what has gone wrong between us.'

' I know you have forgotten every thing and that is why I'm here', it said politely and continued' Listen..........

It happened about 300 years ago. In the Kingdom of the Lion King there we lived as friends. We were among the best warriors of the Kingdom. Our friendship was a legend. We were like brothers. My sorrows were yours and I got hurt from your pain. The King  was the peace loving person whose religion was to look after his subject like a father. He never took any undue advantage of others. The kingdom was full of peace and love where people lived like brothers.

Rivers of love and wind of peace blow, brutality was not known. Then their came a messenger from the foreign soil demanding some token. He insulted the King and threatened him. The Lion King got furious and he slew him. You were asked to destroy all their camps while I was made to prepare the war strategy.

The war was inevitable but can be won, had some one not run. One day of battle, we all were hopeful. Though the enemy had huge army of slaves but we had more warriors. Every one was blood thirsty ready to slaughter the every race of man kind to save the Kingdom. There was roaring all around.

The battle began, there was a bloody rain. We fought like the Lion under the Lion King. The enemy fell like fly. The Lion King was about to kill the Sultan when was slaughtered. It was you who had stabbed the faith of the King. We all were taken aback and were captured. We were made slave under you. At that time I saw your real face. The cruelty was on your face. You killed all your friends for the sake of a small territory.

There were moaning, groaning and pain all around, enemy in the friend was found.

One night when I was trying to escape,  your arrow hit my back. While death was laying its icy hand on me I pledge to take revenge and this is my vengeance.'

The End

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