The next day I called my friends. Every thing was plain sailing- picking up of the thge receiver, dialing up of the number and then something happened happened that left me out of breath. While I was waiting for the ring to go, I heard the same grumbling sound. It frightened me and now amaze me. I couldn't believe my ear. It seemed as if I was conveyed some message and I'm totally unperturbed. I was in sweat and quickly put the reciever down.

The whole day and night I thought about it and decided to talk some experienced personnel. But being the 'Learned urban' I couldn't act the way I had thought and now I can't even repent. After a day or two Im decided to leave. And this time I won't disappoint you by saying I could. It rained heavily all night and day. The  ignorant people said some one doesn't want some thing to happen. And now I started thinking that some thing is wrong. I have seen movies with such scenario. The roads got damaged and the rails got flooded. No one in my pedigree has ever seen such rain. But the nthing that cemented my believe was the bright, clear,sunny evening that followed my decision to put off my return.

That night I couldn't sleep. I was very scared to close my eyes. So I decided to keep SANKAT MOCHAN HANUMAN CHALISA by my bed. But what followed is hard to accept by any religious person. It seemed to me that even the God was afraid to interfere. The moment I was dead to the world, I dreamed myself to be on the battlefield surrounded by warriors, slaves and corpses. There was bloodshed all around and groaning. It was such a horrible scene that I woke up at once. To make my condition worse I saw my palms in blood-red colour and could recognise the voices I dreamed were the same as those I have being hearing . From that day  onwards I continued dreaming the battle field from different angles. My condition grew worse. I stopped going out. I could not dare to sleep. I was becoming sick as the days flew by. I had sunken eyes. My health was in worst state. I was frustrated, sad, deppressed, confused and scared. Though I wanted to tell what I was experiencing but I couldn't. My Grandparents got worried. They took me to various doctors who tried the every possible mean but when nothing happened they surrendered. In the end seeing no other option they took me to a psychic. I am highly in gratitude to them for taking this move otherwise I do not know what would have happened to me.

The End

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