After some days, my friends decided to leave. They all were pleased with my hospitality and had enjoyed my place to the fullest. It was a bright, clear, sunny day. I accompanied my friends to the railway station to bid adieu. We spent sometime together talking about the supernatural events. Then their train arrived and I helped them to board the train. The moment the train left the station a sudden change occurred. the pleasant weather turned into a new leaf. It grew darker with heavily moisture laden clouds. The clouds themselves were not usual. They were looking like blood thirsty warriors ready to slaughter the every race of mankind. There was a very little of thunder. Instead reveille, waking up of soldiers for the war. There was roaring all around. The moment it started raining, I could hear some distressed  sound of crying, moaning and pain. I noticed that even though it was not raining cats and dog there was slurry all around. Somehow I managed to come back home without getting myself wet. Now you all would feel that the rain would damage my place and thunder would be unbearable. But more astonishing thing happened. The moment I entered the house it stopped raining. But still I could hear the grousing.  There after I consulted my Grandparents and they replied quite strangely,'Are you mad! We have neither witnessed any rain nor have heard any complaining' . I was taken aback. How could one remain indifferent to those heartfelt voices? And this was the beginning of battle which I had to fight between this world and the world of.......

The End

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