After spending some days doing a bit of this and bit of that we planed to visit the place and feast our eyes on the scenic beauty of my native land. Garwal covers the best part of the Shivalik. The place along with Kumaun is named as Uttraranchal,popularly called the Dev Bhumi. The whole land is covered with mountain vegetation. The forests are heavily loaded with Cedar and Deodar trees. The eerie sight of wild animals roaming in the forests fills one's marrow with chill. The snake shaped roads; water falling from height, the view of rainbow bisecting clouds is the real treasure.

The upper part of the mountain is covered with snow. The view of sun rising behind these mountains spreading his rays all around and quietly peeping out to enjoy the artistic beauty of nature giving it a shade of reddish-yellow colour to the landscape besides trickling the warmth on the people is poet's description. The smell of moisture laden wind, the voice of bird, the song of Koel, the accent of people all giving the musical effect. The native houses build in locally available material are the added attraction. The long and short is that here the nature is at its best and probably the place has been made on the SIXTH day!

For religious people Uttaranchal is an ideal place. The religious CHARDHAM, HARIDWAR,DEVPRYAGA  all are situated in the laps of HIMALAYA.

In about a month we returned from our tour to meet the coming nemesis.

The End

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