It sometimes happens that some event in the past has its effect in the present.

That happened about 300years ago, but I can still hear its sound.The voice that makes my spine chills with fear, the voice that has taken away the peace of my life.Even while writing about it, my pen is trembling and my heart is cooperating.

It started some 3-4 years back.When I was in Garwal to spend my vacations with my Grandparents with some of my friends, I heard a chilling cry. Now you all would anticipate that that the cry would not be heard by any one else! But every family and each member ha heard it.When locals were consulted, the oldest of them said in the most astonishing voice I have ever heard and haven't heard again."HE IS COMING BACK TO TAKE REVENGE" saying so his soul left for its heavenly abode as if he was alive to say these words. We all, the modern aged scientific people paid no attention to what he said-the grievous mistake we made which did not give us any opportunity to repent later.

Now you all would feel that the coming days would be filled with horror as seen in our movies. But  again I disappoint you. Though the children and women scared for some days. They started chanted the sankat mochan hanuman chalisa every hour, started bathing in GANGA JAL and wore gemstone around their neck. They ceased to leave their homes after 7 and never dared to wake after 12 as ghosts have their association with midnight. But we 'Learned urban' people did not pay attention to it. We also convinced the men folk that all such things are absurd. Though to please our elders we did take bath in holy water and wore gem around our neck but none of us belAfter some time the fear proved baseless. Nothing happened. The stillness, the fear, the scare all ended. The life came back to normal. The children started playing out. The life again got extended to late nights. Women again started working out.Soon the heavy rituals were forgotten. Its often noted that people easily remember God and forget him eve more easily.DUKH MEIN SUMIRAN SAAB KAREIN SUKH MEIN KAREIN NAAI KOI.

I too was convinced that the old man got a fit and was happy not to pay any attention.

The End

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