its a song "im queen of the world i bump into things" - ida march or some such

heron heron in my eye
heron heron little lie
i can't give you my lies lines lives
'cause their mine mine mine
these trees someone told me
they are memory keepers
I watch them hold you
stare hard stare hard
holding solid - they'll never release you
at the bottom of the bridge the bravest tree
the favourite of the three
weighed down heaviest
what he asked of me - oh dear dear tree
hardest heardiest of the three
watched trust bleed tears out of me
all things are bleeding out of me
heron heron blue
in your eye -
trees drink from endless fountains
keep growing - you don't know how to ask them
what you want them to give you
-this is weeping - the saddest kind
Oh blue blue lies
reflected into my own honest
true blue
God given blue eyes
you make me sadder than sad knew sad
could be
bad poetry has never been so bad

The End

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