Welcome To The PlayroomMature

He smiled inwardly at the submissive way she bowed her head. "Good girl," he repeated. He knew Lennox could be a good girl like all the rest, if she would only try hard enough sometimes, and more importantly, not let her attitude get in the way. It was a bit irritating at times, how fickle she could be, and sometimes he even grew impatient with her, so much so that he found himself unexpectedly flying off the handle, but more often than not, he would try and keep that quick temper of his at bay.

His heart warmed and skipped a beat at the kiss she gave to his cheek, taking her face in his hands and gazing into her eyes. "I know you're trying, my love, and I am proud of you. Yes, you have your little bratty moments, but you're certainly more well behaved than some of the other girls I've had, and I have to commend you for that." He tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. "If you're happy, I'm happy." After giving the tip of her nose a little tap, he smirked and picked up the holter monitor, unraveling the leads.

The End

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