Welcome To The PlayroomMature

His dark brows stitched inquisitively, not exactly sure what she was going on about or whether or not she was even making a bit of sense, but he snickered and decided to just shrug it off as nothing. He didn't know if he would honestly get that tattoo. It was more of a fleeting though that left almost as fast as it had come. Perhaps he'd think about it a bit more...another time. 

Seeing her reaction to his words, a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Yes..." He knew that he had successfully manipulated her into doing as he wanted her to...yet again. Who would take a punishment over some fun little game of randomness, that might end up leading to her favorite little game...doctor and patient. Oh and how he hoped it would eventually come to that this evening as opposed to something else. However, that wasn't his call to make, which is why he came up with this random game. It was her pick, and hers alone. "That's a good girl. And yes, you may continue to play with your Master." Scooting closer to her in the rolling chair, he reached up, setting his hand against the back of her head and pulling her in to plant a kiss to her head. "Always remember to ask permission in everything you do, even to get off my lap. Thats very important. Don't forget again."

The End

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