Welcome To The PlayroomMature

He sighed deeply. "Well, as The Stones ones said, 'you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find that you get what you need.' Wise words I say." His shoulders rose and fell in a shrug. "Perhaps I'll have them tattooed on my back." Yes, get it tattooed right on his back, so when he walked away from her or any of his other disobedient submissives, they would heed the lyrics and maybe, just maybe, learn something from them. 

Hyde blinked, his temper stirring, his eyes narrowing at her change in attitude. One of his hands curled into a fist, flexing then unflexing. He glanced from her to the holter monitor then back at her. "You want to go to your room for the remainder of the night, do you?" He pushed himself forward in his chair, hands folded between his spread legs. "If you go to your room, then you'd better stay in there, because you won't be allowed out unless you've got to tinkle. And you will be getting another punishment, if not when I come up, then tomorrow, first thing in the morning."

The End

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