Welcome To The PlayroomMature

His brows stitched inquisitively as he noticed how she was taking deep breaths, wondering and at the same time, hoping, that she wasn't having trouble breathing. If she was truly doing that to lessen the pain, it certainly went over his head, because he wasn't putting two and two together. He smiled smugly to himself at the moans into his thigh. Her attempt to get more friction from his fingers was quite comical, and it only made him slow his motions, dragging out her pleasure, torturously. 

His eyes narrowed irritably at the question she posed, but as tempted and hard as he was starting to become, he resisted, pulled his fingers out of her and gave her ass another smack. "No, that is not an option. I will fuck you when I bloody well decide to fuck you. Now make a choice or I'll decide for you."

The End

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