Welcome To The PlayroomMature

           The only time that Hyde would ever call Lennox a "slut" or a "whore" would be during a scene, or in bed while he was fucking the bloody shit out of her. She would probably take offense to it, but he wouldn't mean it. It would only be said in jest, for the sake of dirty talk and nothing more. Some birds enjoyed that sort of thing. It made them wet with excitement. He had yet to call her that. However, if they were in the heat of the moment, he doubted that she would pay much attention to it or even care. 

          Hyde knew she was a bit spoiled, perhaps a spoiled little rich girl. He wasn't entirely sure of her story, because they hadn't known each other for very long, and when it came to picking out the perfect submissive, it didn't matter much what went on in their past, because it was just that...the past. He was more focused on the present and what she could give to him. Not where she came from, but that spoiled little girl was starting to show through...slowly. Trying not to let his feelings of guilt get in the way when he heard her little sniffle, he nodded in approval as she got over his knee. "That's right, do as your Master says." His hand connected with her ass in a smack, bouncing from one cheek to the other. "Naughty girl!"


The End

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