Welcome To The PlayroomMature

         Lennox was long overdue for a proper punishment, and while she might not have drawn a strip of paper for this, he felt it was still necessary that she receive one. How idiotic could she possibly be to wear those panties? While they were pretty, they would look even prettier on the floor of his bedroom or hers, or considering they were in his dungeon, right here at his feet. 

         He knew it was only a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes before she reached her peak, but she would be punished ten times more if she dared come without his permission, or at the very least, asking for it. This wasn't the way he wanted to bring her to her release. After all, they weren't done with their game yet, and there would be plenty of times for her to come during other fun little ventures. Seeing her reaction to the absence of pleasure, he smiled inwardly. He wanted to chuckle at the puppy dog eyes, even call her cute, but instead, he remained steadfast, the vexation still present in his eyes. "Don't look at me like that." At her hesitation and debate with him, he rolled his eyes and heaved a deep and irritable sigh. "You know the rules, Lennox." He arched a brow, "you want me to add another twenty, or thirty?"

The End

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