Welcome To The PlayroomMature

          A part of him wanted to punish her, but in all honesty, he had been the one to use the forbidden term. It was partly his fault for doing so, but she didn't have to know that he was internally blaming or chiding himself. That was for him to know, and his burden to carry. "Likewise, and you're forgiven," he replied, offering her a little smile. It boosted his ego that she was actually apologizing herself. She could be adorable when she was mad, at certain moments, but as he took her through the motions of being his sub, those days and her moods occurred less and less, and she was a good little girl, just as she should be. She was learning very fast, the rules he had laid out for her.

          Feeling the wetness grow beneath his fingers, he froze, glancing down with arched brows and grinning wickedly. "Oh my...that little bud just got even wetter. You're going to make such a mess of these panties." He spanked her pussy through them, "but fortunately for you, I've forbidden you wearing another pair again. Not in this house. Oh no. I want you bare and ready for me when you get home. As a matter of fact..." His fingers rubbed her fast and hard then pulled away. He tossed his head back and glared at her. "Take them off now, and bend over my knee." 

The End

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