Welcome To The PlayroomMature

         Truth be told, Hyde didn't mean anything by it, and certainly no offense intended to his lovely Lennox when he brought up the possibility of her tattoo being a "tramp stamp," but apparently, much to his dismay, she didn't take it as he'd hoped, and there went her little temper. He sighed deeply, running his fingers through his long curly hair, "bloody hell. I didn't mean any offense to you, love. No need to come down so hard on me, my little Lennox. Well, unless you're sitting on Daddy's lap and riding my cock." Mischief twinkled in his dark eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He blinked, brows arching seeing where the location of the tattoo actually was. "Ah. There it is." He rolled his eyes dramatically at her question. "Of course not." 

            Feeling her vaginal muscles tense beneath his fingers, and seeing her reaction, he giggled softly. "Yes...there's my little wet one," he murmured. He moaned softly, meeting her gaze and licking his lips. "Mmm." He tossed his head to one side, his long hair falling over his cheek like a curtain as he looked closer at her wet spot, his fingers pinching her little bundle of nerves through the fabric of her panties. His brows stitched inquisitively. "Please? Please what?" His gaze shifted to the rapid heartbeat that was scurrying across the computer monitor. "There you go, little heart. Pump that blood! Pump! Pump, you pretty little thing!" He patted his fingers against her core then gave her a flick, right over her clit. "Your heart rate is climbing. Very good, my dear." 

The End

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