Welcome To The PlayroomMature

          "Yes, you are," he said with a nod, returning her grin with one of his own. "And you can be bloody well sure that I will find it...eventually." His gaze wandered down her figure, stopping at her crotch and licking his lips. "It probably wouldn't fit down there, unless its on the inside of your little cunt, but I'll certainly have fun looking for it, the next time I get you in my stirrups." He winked at her and chuckled wickedly, having a feeling the thought of that was already making her wet, if she wasn't yet. He had a feeling that probably occurred once she laid her beautiful eyes on the room. A cringe came across his face. "Ooh...yes, my dear. I imagine it hurt like a bitch coming in contact with your fragile bones."

            Another chuckle escaped him. "Bet you never thought you'd be attempting to hide anything from me, your Master. Bet you never even thought you would even have Master." He watched her strip down and smiled to himself. "Yes...that's a good girl," he breathed. He turned in his chair, his legs falling open before gesturing her to come closer. "Come to me, let's get this contraption on you." He unraveled the electrical leads from the monitor, looking down at her crotch as she came closer, frozen when he noticed the spot on her panties. "Well hello hello...is that a little wet spot I see?" His gaze shifted from it to her face, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. 

The End

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