Welcome To The PlayroomMature

          Even though she might not openly admit to it, he had a feeling that she got off to his spankings, if only just a little. They probably made her wet with excitement just after he was done with her. He snickered at the tattoo reference, but he found himself doing a double take and looking closer at her little legs and feet as she revealed her tattoos. His cock throbbed instinctively at her very sexy but teasing show. "Oooh! Well, well, well...I didn't suspect those were hiding there." He chuckled in amusement when he realized the irony. "Hiding from Hyde. Naturally, if you have less skin, the little needle is going to hurt like bloody hell in so tender an area, and the nerves beneath."

         Hyde himself didn't have a single tattoo, but he had always contemplated getting one that showed his medical fetish or love for heartbeats. "Yes, I thought so," he agreed, "after all, your face hides nothing. No matter how hard you try." He glanced over at her with a smirk as she came over to the desk, grinning brightly and chuckling softly as she commented on her heartbeat. "Yes, it is...but beautiful. Of course it increases with your nerves and activity, such as you walking towards me just now." He turned in the black leather swivel chair and opened up a large deep drawer to his right, pulling out a small device with a set of six electrical leads attached to it, the same ones you'd find on a heart monitor. "Alright, I need you to strip down to your knickers, love."

The End

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