It's A Mystery, My LoveMature

        He had her wrapped around his finger, under his thumb, as the Rolling Stones said it best. While he had only known Lennox a short amount of time, he knew by now that when she stammered, when any of his girls stammered, that they were internally kicking themselves for their own idiotic behavior. Good. She needed a lesson every now and then, and a few maintenance spankings to keep her in line as well.

        "You'd better be," he muttered. He nodded in approval at her offering. "Yes, I certainly hope so. Your little heart will certainly sky rocket if you jog or run to class, and you know how I so love seeing that. That monitor lets me see every beat of your little ticker, every rise, fall and fluctuation of your heartbeat." He shot a glare over his shoulder at her as they reached the bottom of the stairs, but said nothing more as he turned right, heading through the foyer and towards the basement door. 

The End

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