It's A Mystery My LoveMature

         Seeing the disappointment on her face, Hyde scowled gravely, his dark brows stitching in both irritation and question. "Could you try to sound a bit more excited?" He rolled his eyes dramatically. "It's a day task, which means that you will have the opportunity to choose again, just as soon as I put it on you. We don't want to let our evening go to waste with something as passive as that, do we?" He took her chin in his hand, leaning closer to whisper, "and it will be interesting for me."

        Turning on his heels, he gestured her to follow him out of the room. "Come along, darling." He glanced over his shoulder and back at her as he headed down the upstairs hallway towards the stairs. "We'll take you down to the basement where I'll get you all hooked up and then you may choose again." 

The End

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