It's A Mystery My LoveMature

         He knew he had landed a lovely little one when he found Lennox. She was perfectly pint sized, enough for him to make her his sweet babygirl. He had to wonder whether or not she was into the Daddy/Little Girl fetish. It would be a surprise if she wasn't, but bloody hell, when he contemplated all the fantasies he wanted to act out with her, from putting her in a schoolgirl uniform to bathing and caring for her like a baby in her own child room, his cock began throbbing with need. He bit his lip, imagining what little strip of paper she might pull out for him to use to his advantage. No matter what she chose, he knew it would undoubtedly be good. Since she had yet to receive her full sub physical, he was hoping that whatever it was, was aimed more towards fulfilling his medical fetish. He chuckled softly as he observed how nervous she was just choosing a task. "No worries, little love. It's not going to bite you. Just choose." His heart quickened with anticipation when she finally pulled out and held up the strip. "Holter monitor for a day," he declared. "For twenty four hours, you will wear a special little heart monitor, under your clothes."

The End

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