It's A Mystery My LoveMature

           His own dark penetrating eyes lit up with a bright smile at her sudden enthusiasm, laugh lines appearing at the corners of those eyes as he did so, just the way they did every time a smile crossed his face. It was a sight to see, considering he was either somber or grinning wickedly the other ninety percent of the time. He hadn't missed the little gasp that escaped her when he uttered that first word, and that only made his smile spread into a full fledged grin. Out of habit, he glanced down the length of her body, wondering if she was currently wet beneath her knickers at the moment. Wet for him. However, he resisted the urge to check. There would be plenty of time for that soon enough. "Then we shall," he said, shaking the top hat at her, "in this little hat of mine are various strips of paper, nearly sixty of them, each one has a different activity or task written upon them, about a handful of them are punishments. You must choose wisely. Once you've got one, you'll be stuck with it for the remainder of the evening. There is no turning back, no second choices. If you finish it early, you may choose again. Do you understand me?"

The End

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