It's A Mystery, My LoveMature

Hyde offers to play his special "mystery hat" game with his submissive, Lennox, as part of her training and things get very heated in a short amount of time.

         Master Hyde couldn't get over his joy when he found Lennox. She was starting to become one of his very favorite girls, when she wasn't being naughty and stubborn that is. She had only been residing in his mansion for a matter of three days, and she seemed to have a lot of stuff to move in, but that wasn't his job, no, he left that to the movers. Now that she was all nice and settled, and they had just finished dinner, Hyde decided that it was the perfect night to begin their training. It had been a while since he had pulled out his top hat and offered his subs a chance to play his infamous "mystery hat game," but now that he had Lennox, he could finally take advantage of it once again, and he had added a lot of fun little activities to the hat over the past few weeks in his search for a new sub. He approached the door to his sub's bedroom, softly rapping on it with the back of his knuckles before stepping quietly inside. "Lennox, my darling? What are you doing?"

The End

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