Chapter One: Rockers


I parked my Scooter round the back of a Café that I went to all the time with my mates. I walked in, and the owner welcomed me warmly. I nodded at him, and sat down.

I got out the latest edition of Scootering- Do It The Mod Way and engulfed myself in reading the magazine.

A young woman came up to me in a short sugar pink dress, holding a small notepad.

“Whatcha gonna order, hun?” she asked, seeming bored. I looked up at her, nearly smiled, and said

“I’ll just have a coffee, thanks”

She brought the coffee to me after a short while, and I drank it absent minded, reading the magazine.

“Alright, James?!” shouted one of my mates. I turned around to find it was Nick standing there, wearing a Fred Perry Polo t-shirt, Levi 501s, and an unzipped Harrington jacket.

He had dark brown hair, cropped like mine. He had green eyes, and had normal skin colour. He was a cheerful lad, and that cheer could be spread all around the group I hang around with most.

He was the youngest of our group; only sixteen.

 He walked towards me, twisted a chair around so that the back was facing the table, and sat on it, the wrong way round with his arms folded over the back of the chair.

“You coming for the ride out today?” he asked cheerfully. I rolled my eyes, which was my usual response.

“Okay then.” I replied simply. Great. A ride out.

Suddenly, a gang of greasy, horrible, dirty Rockers walked in, trying to look tough.

The End

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