It's A Hard, Mod Life

James Richards is the most famous, most brilliant Top Mod known to the small town called Enfield. But being a Top Mod isn't all fun and games. There're always Rockers.
Join James on his sweet Suede adventure, and see how it ends up for him and all of the other Mods in Enfield town.

The wind whooshed over my cropped head as I rode my Vespa Sportique through Enfield Town. Riding on a scooter is one of the most exhilarating things that I’ve ever done in all of my seventeen years of life. Of Mod life.

I had the urge to laugh, but I kept my cool. Setting an example of coolness was hard when I was on a scooter. I loved it. But I still had to.

 My name’s James Richard and I am the Top Mod of Enfield Town. I’m seventeen, born in 1945. I have cropped hair, which is a dirty blond colour, and I am quite pale, but I wouldn’t stand out from everyone.

 I have sea-blue eyes, and I always wear Two Toned Suits, but if I were to go out looking a bit scruffier, it would always be one of my wide variety of Ben Sherman button down shirts and Levi 501s.

As you can probably tell, I’m a hardcore Mod, and I love it.

 I am the Top Mod of Enfield Town, and I’ve started many a trend. And I always stick to the suits. I am never scruffy; neatness is the meaning of James Richards.

 I don’t really ever show much emotion; one of the down sides of being the coolest; the best Mod in Enfield Town.

 My Vespa scooter is a Sportique, and it’s a two tone of Off White and Blue. It’s beautiful, and it’s my best. But I do have the odd GS 160 and an SS 180.


Everyone wants to be my friend, well, every Mod, but what Mod wouldn’t? I’m the Top Mod around Enfield, so Mods bow down to me. Well, not really.

The End

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