It's a Halloween poem!

I don't do poetry, like ever. So this is something new, to get in the Halloween spirit!

It’s gloomy and cold and howling outside

The wind despairs, it continues to cry

The rain is pouring, flooding the town

Turning the river a murky brown


Children roam the streets, clad in disguise

Wandering beneath the darkened skies

Clowns and cats and superheroes

The weather being, their deadliest foe


They will not stop, nothing deters

They do not cry, they do not stir

For all year long, they’ve waited for this

This Halloween, their ignorant bliss


They do not know what wanders the street

Not knocking on doors, not looking for sweets

It’s darker than Death and deadlier than night

It knows not happiness, it knows not light


It prays on the small, it feeds on the weak

It lurks round corners, it’s deadly and sleek

You cannot see it, you cannot try

For if you do, kiss life goodbye


It sees everything, it sees everyone

You cannot escape, you cannot outrun

It came for me, it’s coming for you

Sit there tight, there’s nothing you can do.

The End

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